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Start getting more from your Bullworker...

The Bullworker has been around for over forty years and is an awesome strength training device, but few understand how to use it properly. If you have a Bullworker or are thinking of buying one and want to get the most from it then read on...

With a long martial arts and personal training background I'm no stranger to extreme workouts, and believe me the 'bully' works even if used for just a few minutes a day. My 'No Bull' Bullworker training guide is a comprehensive tool for maxing out your Bullworker training and achieving results FAST.

This really is the ultimate Bullworker guide totraining...

The 'No Bull' Bullworker training guide is by far the best Bullworker training material available, because in addition to the Bullworker exercises it also contains powerful cross-training programmes which add a totally new dimension to your Bullworker routines and efficiently target a far wider range of fitness goals. The programmes are minimalist by nature, require little or no additional equipment other than your Bullworker, and are suitable for anyone regardless of experience.

You will discover revolutionary Bullworker workouts that you will not find anywhere else, including my 3 minute Total Body Workout and awesome 20 minute high intensity routines, together with useful links covering every aspect of the training. If you train hard using the techniques shown, eat right and rest, you will become fitter and stronger, feel better, gain lean mass and lose fat, all without gym fees!


By far the most comprehensive Bullworker training guide available!

Take your training to the next level...or your money back!

“Much, much more than ‘just’ the bullworker exercises!”

The 'No Bull' Bullworker Guide won't bore you to tears or try to sell you anything, and is packed with hardcore information that I guarantee will revolutionise your Bullworker training and optimise your workouts. It's the lowdown on Bullworker training straight from the hip, and everything you need is all here in the one package.

So that you can bid with confidence I stand behind my product. And I'm from the old school, my word is my bond.

If after receiving and implementing this information you honestly don't find it valuable, I'll refund every penny of your money.

Key Areas Testimonials

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Don't waste another moment on unproductive workouts.

Get motivated now and let the 'No Bull' Bullworker Training Guide to take your Bullworker training to the next level...

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